"My name is Sarah Manning and this is my unconditional surrender."

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haley + nathan’s tie


ultimate ships challenge : [3/5] Current OTPs

Oh, like… I have never thought about bisexuality. I mean, for myself, you know? But, as a scientist, I know that sexuality, is a… is a… is a spectrum. But you know, social biases they, codified attraction. It’s contrary to the biological facts… you know.

T h a t ’ s …   O d d l y    R o m a n t i c . 

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Hey, guys!

I wanted to let you know that I’m gonna take some time off of tumblr, I don’t know exactly how long, but i got a pretty big queue set up so, it could be a while. I’m not really enjoying spending time here anymore and I wanted to take a time off so that maybe i can start to really miss it and maybe learn to enjoy it and love it again, cause i used to really love it here :) it’s just not as enjoyable as before. So, that’s it guys, I’m gone for now, see ya whenever!!! <333

Celebs accepting ASL Ice Bucket Challenge

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Now I like her even more


Now I like her even more

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